Vice President of Operationsluis

Luis has volunteered in various groups and organizations to assist with surveys, linkage services, education and awareness and development of projects in Austin, and Houston listed:

  • The City of Houston Latino HIV Task Force
  • LULAC – Families for Inclusion
  • The Mpowerment Project

His Educational focus is in Psychology and Secondary Education.

He has served 18 years professionally in dedicating himself in Men’s, Pediatric and Adolescent healthcare.  He has routinely in all his professional experiences maintained strictest confidentiality; adherence to all HIPAA guidelines/regulations.

He worked to ensure maintenance of regulations on both business and personal accounts in Banking.  He was responsible for tracking denial data, financial reports, fee schedules, payer trends and present findings to Managers in his various positions in this field of employment as a MSO/CVCP Collections Specialist, Billing Supervisor, Consultant, and a Member Service Rep II.  He prepared and submitted paper and electronic claims to insurance companies. He answered questions from patients, clerical staff and insurance companies. He evaluated patient’s financial status and established budget payment plans and followed and reported status of delinquent accounts.

He dedicated himself to supervise and maintained a safe, calm, structured, and organized environment for children and family members for four plus years.  He Implemented afternoon recreational activities for adolescents and used structure activities to build social skills, socialization, and discourage violent behavior and aggression through Planned and developed therapeutic/support groups to promote healing and safety.  He served as a Children’s Advocate and provided training and technical assistance to health organizations across the US on issues of importance to ethnic and minority groups. He facilitated focus group discussions with low-income ethnic and minority groups across the US. Conducted data entry for surveys and evaluations conducted with clinics, hospital and government agencies and coordinated participant recruitment and registration for trainings across the US.